Not in My Lifetime

(Work in progress)

We had such high hopes in the early ‘70s: passing the Equal Rights Amendment, being wives and mothers with work outside the home. Laugh and cry with me as I negotiate the hidden hazards of so much hope. Floundering as a mother, scrambling for that perfect job, I face workplace sexism and a husband whose own career leaves me doing housework and child-rearing without much help. My church is another place without equality for women. When my daughters have finally passed the dangers of drugs and alcohol, we’re hit by the maddening 2016 election.

Geoff Edwards interviewing John Arthur and Anne Eggebroten (now Linstatter) regarding shared baby care on the news/talk show Mid-Morning Los Angeles, aired on KHJ-TV Channel 9, April, 1982.

Other Books

Abortion - My Choice, God's Grace: Christian Women Tell Their Stories
edited by Anne Linstatter (formerly Eggebroten)

This compilation of stories and essays edited by Anne Eggebroten is an effort to confront the reality of abortion as a morally responsible choice being made by countless Christian women of all denominations. It chronicles how 14 Christian women faced the issue of abortion as well as how they currently feel about their decision. Included is a review of the biblical and ethical issues related to the abortion debate along with a selected bibliography plus a listing of available resources and organizations. "Essential for all libraries," says the Library Journal.

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Women in the Katherine Group and Ancrene Riwle

Anne Linstatter's dissertation explores the portrait of women in Ancrene Riwle, three saints' lives, and two other texts (all written c. 1200). The courage, intelligence, strength, unshakeable faith, and physical aggressiveness of the women in these texts are remarkable and quite a contrast to women in contemporary romance literature. Written to encourage women to become vowed virgins fighting the forces of evil in their world, these books expanded women's choices in life and no doubt raised their self-esteem.

Order the dissertation (University of California, Berkeley, 1979) through ProQuest or this link to the UC Berkeley library.

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